Tory Burch’s Ex Is The Only Obstacle Between Her And An IPO

tory burch red carpet

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Tory Burch recently denied that her company would have an initial public offering in the near future.But investors told Women’s Wear Daily that suitors are lining up to take her company public, and that the fashion community views her brand as the next Michael Kors.

The only thing holding Burch back from going public is her lawsuit with ex-husband Christopher Burch.

She says that his new line, C. Wonder, shamelessly copies hers, while he says that he advised her line to begin with.

“If Kors was sold as the next Coach, Tory Burch is seen in the investment community as the next Kors. And there are plenty of suitors lining up to buy a stake and bankers ready to take the company public,” reports WWD.

Michael Kors had a blockbuster year. Many fashion insiders believe that the brand, which is especially revered for its handbags and watches, will overtake Coach.

Tory Burch’s legal case is the only factor adding uncertainty to her brand, which is valued at $2 billion. The case is expected to go to court sometime in 2013.

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