Tory Burch Disses Her Ex-Husband's Wish To Take The Brand Public

Tory Burch

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Tory Burch and her ex-husband, Chris, have had their fair share of public disagreements in recent months. The two are currently embroiled in a lawsuit over his role in her eponymous brand, which he helped start, and his new line C. Wonder closely resembling Tory Burch’s designs. 

Now Tory is publicly dissing another one of Chris’ opinions: wanting to take the brand public with an IPO. 

Chris has said before that he would be interested in going public. 

When asked about the subject by Women’s Wear Daily, Tory said

It’s not something I’ve ever thought about clearly and it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I am personally not ready to be a public [chief executive officer]. Privacy [is what I would lose.] I am not saying exactly that one day it won’t happen but for now it’s not in the cards.

At the end of the day, my priority is with my business and my children. I have six children with Chris that he and I care about and that’s what I think about. But also [there is] my team that I look at and I think this is extraordinary what we have built together. My focus is finding a solution and hopefully we will get there and then we will be better for it at the end.

The lawsuit is expected to last well into 2013, which would halt IPO plans anyway. 

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