Basketball Journeyman Is Ecstatic About NBA Return After Having Toilet Piping And Lighters Thrown At Him In Europe

Alan Anderson Toronto Raptors

Photo: AP Images

Alan Anderson couldn’t be happier about being back in the NBA after recently signing a 10-day contract with the Toronto Raptors.The basketball journeyman has played all over Europe and in China since his last NBA game with the Charlotte Bobcats in 2007.

On top of being back in familiar territory, Anderson is happy to have escaped all the crazy fans in Europe.

“I used to get locks, lighters [thrown at me],” he told the National Post.

But the zaniness didn’t stop there. The term “police escort” took on a whole new meaning for Anderson.

“It was Serbia. I played on a Croatian team. So when we went to Serbia, there were times when we had probably three busloads of police, 20 or 25 cops that had to barricade us when we got from the bus to the building.”

Like in U.S. and Canadian sports arenas, European arenas also have metal detectors. Unfortunately, fans there are a bit more resourceful.

“They used to take off the metal things on the toilet, because they used to have metal detectors to get into the arena, break those off the toilet [and throw them at us].”

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