Toronto's Mayor Wants To Ban Anyone Convicted Of A Gun Crime From His City

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette

On Monday, Toronto experienced the worst mass shooting in the city’s history when 2 people were killed and 23 others were wounded.The shooting, which occurred during a block party in a suburb 15 miles outside of downtown Toronto, was thought to be gang-related and came only six weeks after another gang-related shooting left two dead and six wounded in Eaton centre, one of Toronto’s most popular tourist destinations, Reuters reports

Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, was quite emotional in a press conference the following day. Now, it seems Ford’s emotions may be getting in the way of rational thinking. On Wednesday, Ford told radio station AM40 that he wanted to talk with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to try and toughen gun laws. His most controversial idea: banning ex-cons jailed for gun charges from living in Toronto, according to the Globe and Mail.

Ford said this on his radio show:

“Once they’re charged and they go to jail the most important thing is when they get out of jail, I don’t want them living in this city. They can go anywhere else, but I don’t want them in the city…..whatever I can do to get them out of the city I’m going to, regardless of whether they have family or friends, I don’t want these people, if they’re convicted of a gun crime, to have anything to do with the City of Toronto.”

There have plenty of calls for tougher laws and restrictions since the violence shook a city where shootings and murder are a rarity. One such statement came from Attorney General John Gerretsen, who voiced his support for a complete ban on handguns in the province on a television station shortly after Ford’s remarks.

For some perspective, the two deaths marked the 27th and 28th murders in Toronto thus far this year. Detroit, a much smaller city, had 184 by mid-July, Reuters reports

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