Watch Toronto Football Fans Go Crazy As 'Crack Mayor' Rob Ford Attends Game

The continuing saga of Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor whose admitted crack-smoking is but one of many alleged sins, may be bewildering to outside observers. Even if half of what is said about Ford is true, it’s still hard to imagine that he is responsible enough to be in charge of one of North America’s largest cities.

Not only is the city finding it incredibly hard to remove Ford, however, he retains a stunning 40% of the city still approves of him. Ford’s brother, City Councilor Doug Ford, brought this up today in an interview with Toronto reporters today, arguing that “Ford Nation” still strong.

To make his point, Doug Ford pointed to his brother’s reception at a Toronto Argonauts football game. One video from the game appears to show the crowd chanting “Rob Ford” as the mayor walks past:

This video, from ITN News, shows Ford posing for photographs with football fans:

Ford’s visit to the stadium wasn’t a total success — CTV report that the sports team had asked him not to attend in an official capacity, and one fan apparently threw a beer on Ford.

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