Toronto City Council Has Voted To Strip Away Much Of 'Crack Mayor' Rob Ford's Powers

Toronto City Council just voted to strip Mayor Rob Ford of most of his powers,
according toCP24.

The council voted 36-6 to reduce Ford’s budget to that of a councilor. They’ve also decided to give the city’s deputy mayor control over staffing in Ford’s office.

Councillors also voted to prevent Ford from designating key items for council debate, according to CTV News.

NOW Magazine reports that the mayor’s office currently has a budget of about $US1.9 million. A councillor’s budget is about $US250,000.

Ford called the vote a “serious issue that is going to hurt democracy in this city forever.”

In the past few weeks, Ford has admitted to smoking crack cocaine and driving drunk as more allegations about his erratic behaviour continue to emerge.

Toronto doesn’t have recall elections, and the city is limited in what it can do to boot Ford from office.

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