Two tornadoes caused chaos and destruction in Queensland yesterday -- and more could be on the way

Instagram/@lachiemillardphotoFarmer Dave Richardson from Long Flat in Gympie has a long cleanup ahead of him

Two tornadoes tore through Queensland yesterday afternoon, ripping the roofs off houses and injuring a number of people.

A BOM meterologist in Brisbane told Business Insider that the tornadoes were a product of a severe storm cell that passed through the Kingaroy region, 200km north-west of Brisbane yesterday afternoon.

He said one tornado, which developed earlier in the morning, became severe just after 11am and hit Tansey, north of Kingaroy around 3pm.

A Queensland mother and her infant daughter were caught in the storm on the D’Aguilar highway near Kingaroy.

Fiona Simpson shielded her baby from large hailstones that smashed through her car windscreen, sustaining brutal injuries as a result.

After pulling over when the storm became too intense, the hail blew out the windows.

“I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured,” she said.

“My entire back, arms and head are badly bruised.

“I’ve learnt my lesson, never drive in a hail storm,” she said.

She posted the photos of her injuries on Facebook.

Facebook/Fiona Simpson

The second tornado was reported at Coolabunia, south east of Kingaroy.

The storm cell also produced “tennis ball-sized hail” and flashflooding across the region.

The State Emergency Services received 160 calls for help from residents in Gympie, two hours north of Brisbane.

Recovery efforts are underway and a major cleanup has begun.

But that may be premature with the BOM saying more tornadoes could be on the way.

“We’re expecting severe storms today,” he told Business Insider.

“I don’t know about tornados, we’ll wait and see what happens. There is potential.”

Here’s a look at the extent of the damage:

Winds of up to 90km/hr were recorded in the area. This video shows winds blowing rain and hail almost horizontally

A farm near Gympie was covered in so much hail it resembled a snowfield

A fruit farm in Kumbia near Kingaroy was belted by hail, and much of their crops are destroyed

A farmer in the Coolabunia area, near Kingaroy said that his crops are completely destroyed.

“We’ve lost silos and had the roof damaged on the dairy which has exposed the computers and other equipment,” farmer Damien Tessmann told 9News.

“It hit here and came through in around 10 minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was like a cyclone,” he said.

These trees were torn apart in Coolabunia

Here’s a look at the size of some of the hail stones

The scenes following the storm look apocalyptic

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The Kumbia state school has shut down today, and flights in and out of the areas affected by the storm are experiencing delays.

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