This Giant Missouri Mansion Is Built To Withstand A Tornado

Steven T. Huff, a chairman Wisconsin-based TF Concrete Forming Systems, is building a massive 72,000 square foot estate in Christian County, Missouri, and he’s calling it Pensmore.

Not only is this house humongous, but it’s also green, technologically advanced, and tornado resistant.

After the brutal storms that hit Joplin, Mo., this spring, Pensmore is being built with safety in mind. Instead of a conventional wood frame, the estate is being built with a high performance concrete with Helix steel fibre. The combination of the concrete and steel not only makes for a stronger home, but it also makes for an energy efficient home.

Pensmore will also rely on solar heat collectors, rainwater collection, and advanced climate control software.

Once completed, this house will be among the biggest residential homes in America.

Here’s what the house will look like:


Photo: Courtesy of Pensmore

And here is a wall, you can see the steel and cement:


Photo: Courtesy of Pensmore

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