The 'Tories of Bumble' Instagram account features the profiles of the poshest people flaunting their wealth on the dating app -- and some don't even seem real

Business Insider/BumbleThe account’s tagline reads ‘Collecting Bumble profiles of future Cabinet Ministers.’

An Instagram account is seeking out some of the poshest men on dating app Bumble – and it’s hard to believe some of the profiles are real.

Bumble users supply the “Tories of Bumble” account – a term normally used to describe a supporter of the Conservative party who is often also a member of the privileged elite – with photos of the most middle-class people they spot flaunting their wealth on the dating app along with witty captions.

The account’s tagline reads “Collecting Bumble profiles of future Cabinet Ministers.


The account holder of “Tories of Bumble” told Business Insider she downloaded Bumble while at the pub after a long-term relationship ended suddenly, “and just made it a bit of fun.”

It currently has a surprisingly modest following of just 1,200 – but the profiles and captions are certainly worth a scroll.

It’s even got former Made in Chelsea star and “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” winner Georgia “Toff” Toffolo – she recently mentioned the account in her new Sunday Times column.

“The photos show tweedy chaps in Mayfair or Monaco, playing polo and bragging about the size of their trust funds,” she wrote. “Check it out. You might find a hottie on a horse. Yee-haw.”

The “Tories of Bumble” generally look like this.

Most claim to be 6 foot, appear to be hunting, and are dressed in a Barbour or tweed jacket.

This caption read: “PSA: uncovered a man so Tory he makes Rees-Mogg look like a raging socialist.”

“Remember, you can’t spell Hedge Fund Manager without FUN ???? #ledgefund,” another post was captioned.

The user above included a few relevant details on his profile: “Sporty and bookish. Travels a lot. Hedge fund manager. 6ft.”

Some of the accounts don’t seem entirely real (and may not be).

“Oxford dictionary in the streets, urban dictionary in the sheets,” the “About Me” section for one user reads.

Another user is asking potential dates: “Investment banker with a net worth of over ¬£3.5 billion‚Ķ interested now?”

Many also appear to think their manliness is best asserted with a gun or two…

…While some just look really posh.

“Less Netflix and chill, more Amazon Prime and commitment,” one profile read.

“Not your average accountant, try to spend as much time in the countryside on a horse or with dogs,” one user wrote on their profile.

Tories of Bumble captioned the post: “brb getting NOT YOUR AVERAGE ACCOUNTANT printed on 10000 tshirts to make my fortune selling them to sad grads in denial.”

Some users also appear to have some pretty specific requirements…

…And others just keep it simple.

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