How To Hire An Assassin On the Secret Internet For Criminals


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There are people on the internet claiming to offer contract killing services for hire.They advertise their wares via Tor, an anonymous and decentralized network of websites that exist off the grid and out of sight of Google, Facebook, and conventional web browsers.

And in an effort to keep payment out of sight, transactions all take place with Bitcoin, a digital currency that is similarly decentralized and anonymous.

Whether these guys are legitimate or not, you can use the specialised Tor browser you can find and communicate with them.

C'thulu purports to be a collection of former soldiers from the French Foreign Legion that will kill for you.

They want $10,000 in advance and $10,000 upon completion.

Anyone communicating with them will need this, their public PGP key. This is a series of characters used to encode a message such that only they can decode it.

Of course, you can always use the contact form too.

Another hitman offers an explanation of his services and procedures.

Roughly two months later, he says the deed will be done. You'll never meet.

Once again, he requires all communication to be encrypted and provides instruction on how to do so.

He includes his public PGP key below.

He wants the details you'd expect – the person's daily routine, location, and photographs.

His fees range from 20,000 to 100,000 euros.

Once again, he requires discreet communication through Tormail, an anonymous email system.

Moving on to White Wolves Professionals.

They claim to offer services beyond a conventional contract killing.

Here's the breakdown on their pricing for murders.

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