French Tabloid Says It Will Publish Topless Photo Of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Princess Duchess of Cambridge

Photo: AP

Closer, the French tabloid that brought a recent scoop about the end of Dominique Strauss Kahn’s marriage, apparently has another scoop — Kate Middleton topless.The magazine says that it has photos of Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William on a “very hot holiday in Provence”. A blurry cover featuring the headline “OH MY GOD” can also be seen on Closer’s website.

The preview also says (rough translation):

“At the chateau, Kate was perfecting her tan and spread SPF 50 sun tan, while William was tapping his fingers on a table. And to avoid streaky tan marks, Kate thought it all the way through…and took off her bathing suit.”

After Prince Harry’s Las Vegas escapades, the interesting angle to watch here may be how the British press responds to another set of scandalous photos involving a royal.

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