Topless Models On Your iPhone, Courtesy Joost (AAPL)


Remember Joost? The overhyped Internet TV company from the Skype dudes? They’re back with an iPhone app. And you’re probably not going to want to let your kids play with it.

Like Joost’s browser-based service, the iPhone app offers full-length movies, like one of our favourites, “Starship Troopers.” It takes several seconds to load — and only works over wi-fi — but once it does, it’s like a free trip to the iTunes movie rental store. (But worse; the Joost app is buggy and hard to control.)

But many of Joost’s “popular” videos right now aren’t the kind they’re likely to advertise: Topless models, bikini girls, etc. Titles include: “Naked Bikini Party 2” (no nudity), “Ruba Dub Dub 2 Naked…” (brief nudity), “Shirt off – Tropical Honeys” (topless model on beach).

We’ve used Google Image Search enough times to know that it’s almost impossible to avoid pictures of naked people on the Internet, even if you’re trying to. And our European readers — who can tune into soft porn over regular TV on Friday nights — won’t find this weird at all.

But we don’t see any warning about potential adult content on Joost’s iTunes App Store page, so we were surprised to find it so easily accessible on the iPhone. Especially after the puritans at Apple (AAPL) rejected a comic book app earlier this year over a few mildly objectionable drawings.

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