TOPLESS MODELS AND MORE: Richard Branson Talks About The Fabulous Life Of Richard Branson


So Sir Richard Branson is nuts, batty enough to inspire a 30-years-of-crazy timeline.

But boy, that man knows how to have fun.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV kicks off their second season of “Game Changers” with a 30-minute show about the Virgin founder.

In the episode, Branson and his associates offer some telling anecdotes about the legend.

Graham Boynton, the former travel editor of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, details the first Virgin flight.

“Let me tell you, it was Bacchanalian orgy. I mean, it was wild,” he says. “There was drinking. There were topless models on the plane. It was having a party and Richard led from the front.”

It’s nice to know the daredevil has had cojones since he was a child.

The mogul’s old friend Nik Powell recalls some scenes from their youth.

“We used to play dare, sitting on either side of the white line and who was the last one to move when the car came down the road,” he says. “Richard always won the games of dare.”

And then there’s Branson himself, who is never shy about detailing his exploits.

“I’m willing to double down maybe more than I recommend to other people… there have been occasions where I’ve got my wife to sign this bit of paper and she hasn’t realised that the house has been put on the line for the next business venture.”

In addition to Branson, this season of “Game Changers” will feature shows on Rupert Murdoch, J.K. Rowling, the Koch brothers, and more.