Topless Miley Cyrus = Record Traffic For Vanity Fair

File under “ya think?”: The hubub over Vanity Fair’s not-exactly-naked Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana photos generated record traffic for the Conde Nast pub’s Web site.

The kinda-scandal broke over the weekend, and picked up steam on Sunday night, when the New York Times weighed in on this important story. That pushed the magazine to push up the Web publication of its own story and accompanying 18-slide slideshow earlier than it had planned, says executive online editor Michael Hogan. But that alone was enough to generate 365,000 page views that night; generally gets aroud 100,000 page views a day, he says.

The floodgates opened on Monday, when the site also threw up a photo shoot video it had been planning on saving for later in the week. By the end of the day the had racked up 1.8 million unique visitors (it normally gets between 20,000 and 40,000) and a staggering 17 million page views.

Footnote of interest to, um, Web publishers: Michael says the largest source of referrals came from Yahoo (YHOO).


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