Top White House Officials All Drive Foreign Cars

They’ll offer support for Detroit automakers with your tax money, but when it comes to spending their own, top officials overwhelmingly vote foreign.

Obama himself drives a Ford, but According to Politico, here’s what his staff is driving.:

  • Tim Geithner — 2008 Acura TSX
  • Larry Summers — 1995 Mazda Protege (he’s slummin’ it!)
  • Peter Orszag — Honda Odyssey
  • Energy Secretary Steve Chu — No car
  • Climate Czar Carol Browner — Previously owned a Saab

This story is good for a chuckle, but it’s more than trivial. One of the big problems for Detroit is that people who don’t have a political case for buying American tend to buy foreign. And though historically there’s been a quality and style gap, the fact is is that the automakers have done a good job of closing this gap in recent years.

But unless people are aware of this, it won’t do much good.

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