Top Viral Videos Of The Week: Shootouts, Fights And A Girl In A Bikini Riding A Motorcycle Take Over Belgium

tnt ad

Photo: TNT

With the help of its ad agency, Duval Guillaume, TNT uploaded an insane video ad onto YouTube. In just one week, the TNT ad was viewed 23 million times.In the ad – titled “A dramatic surprise on a quiet square” – pedestrians and bikers in “a square where nothing really happens” in Belgium stumbled upon a large red button with a sign pointing to it that reads “Push To Add Drama.”

People want drama in their lives, so, naturally, some of these unsuspecting folks pressed the button. Those who pressed the button certainly got what they were looking for as TNT and Duval Guillaume set up an elaborate live action sequence of car crashes, shoot outs, fights, football players saving the day, and a girl in a bikini riding a motorcycle.

10. A Russian driver loses control of his car and does a 360 on an icy road right as a semi-trailer passes by. The two narrowly miss.

8. Ray William Johnson talks about reacting to conflict while featuring the viral video of a guy walking and texting into a bear

7. YouTube celebs Smosh show what video games would be like in real life

6. After knocking out his opponent, UFC fighter Brian Stann stops the fight before the ref steps in

5. Ray William Johnson makes the list twice

4. YouTuber Jenna Marbles hates being a grown up

3. YouTube star KevJumba on how his father didn't help him pick up the ladies

2. Some jerk tries to capitalise on last week's tsunami warnings in Indonesia by posting footage of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami

1. And this awesome TNT ad takes this week's top spot as the most viral YouTube video

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