TOP VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Girl Falls Into Water Fountain While Texting

Cathy Cruz Marrero is now known as the lady who fell head-first into a water fountain because she was texting while walking.

The incident happened in the mall where she works, and the surveillance footage was leaked onto YouTube. Instead of just keeping quiet about her embarrassing, viral moment, Marrero decided it was best to appear on national television with a lawyer.

She stated that she may sue the mall for its lack of aid and for leaking the video onto the Internet. All Marrero really did though was put a face and identity to the most embarrassing viral video of the year.

It turns out that Marrero is also on trial for allegedly making purchases with her co-worker’s credit card.


How The Videos Are Ranked...

Music videos from major label acts are not included in the rankings since the same names (Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc.) would take over the list.

TubeMogul compiles the data and the videos are ranked by total views from all across the Internet (and not just YouTube).

These are the most watched viral videos from January 13, 2011 to January 20, 2011.

10. FailBlog: Starting Line FAIL

9. The Gregory Brothers: BED INTRUDER SONG!!!

8. Toowoomba Flood

7. FailBlog: Taser Test FAIL

6. Ray William Johnson: BALLS TO YOU!!

5. 'Golden Voice' Homeless Man Ted Williams Finds Job, Home After Viral Video Success

4. Ray William Johnson: BIRD SECKS!!!

3. Girl falls into fountain while texting at the Berkshire Mall

2. 8-Year Old Elizabeth Hughes Sings National Anthem, Microphone Goes Out

1. The Lonely Island: I Just Had Sex (ft. Akon)

The Top 10 List INCLUDING Music Videos

10. 8-Year Old Elizabeth Hughes Sings National Anthem, Microphone Goes Out

9. Bruno Mars -- Just The Way You Are

8. Taylor Swift -- Back to December

7. Rihanna -- Only Girl (In The World)

6. The Lonely Island -- I Just Had Sex (ft. Akon)

5. Black Eyed Peas -- The Time (Dirty Bit)

4. Eminem -- Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna)

3. Justin Bieber -- Baby (ft. Ludacris)

2. Bruno Mars -- Grenade

1. Rihanna -- What's My Name? (ft. Drake)

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