Top Viral Videos Of The Week: Girl Gets Literally Blown Away By A Plane

Photo: Wikipedia

The St. Marteen International Airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Due to the short length of one of the airport’s runways, planes have to take off and land just feet away from Maho Beach, which has since become a popular tourist spot for aviation enthusiasts.

Problem is, plane spotters on Maho Beach are so close to the action that they run a real risk of being blown away by the jet blasts from departing aircrafts. One plane spotter decided to get as close to the action as she could by hanging on to the fence separating the airport runway and the beach.

Not surprisingly, the spotter was flung across the beach. She was literally blown away by the plane and landed on her face. Ouch.

Uploaded last Friday, the video of the girl being blown away by a plane has nearly 5 million views; making it the second most popular video of the week on YouTube. Apparently, people like watching other people fall on their faces.

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