10 Reasons Why People Will Upgrade To Windows 7

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If early-bird discounts and the fact that it’s not Vista don’t get people to switch to Windows 7, then maybe 10 features which tech pub V3 says are the operating system’s best will:

Easy Wi-Fi connection. In Windows 7 there’s an icon on the taskbar that shows available Wi-Fi networks. Users can click on the icon and choose which one to connect to. While this is a simple feature, it’s huge for Vista users who had to go through numerous steps to connect to Wi-Fi.

Fewer pop-ups. In Windows 7, system messages will appear as notifications on the taskbar. Users can check the notifications whenever they want, instead of being forced to deal with a pop-up window.

Easier to share files. A feature called HomeGroup makes it easier to share files, music and pictures among all coputers on a home network. New users joining a home network will automatically find the HomeGroup. HomeGroups are password protected.

Device Stage. This is a platform for peripherals like phones, cameras, printers, etc. The best part of Device Stage is that it brings all peripheral applications and services together in one place for the user to work on.

BitLocker support for removable storage. The BitLocker to Go tool in Win7 allows the user to password-protect USB devices like flash drives. So even if you lose the drive, your files are protected.

Faster boot-up – 30 seconds flat!

Libraries. Libraries collate similar content from multiple locations onto a single place. Example – Picture library lets users view all photos and images spread across folders and shared locations.  

Less annoying User Account Control (UAC). The UAC in Vista popped and asked for confirmation up each time a user tried to open the Device Manager, add a driver, etc. The UAC in Win7 will let you carry out more tasks with less confirmations.

Multi-touch feature. On devices with touchscreens, Win7 will let users use gesture-based inputs to launch applications, scroll screens in IE and Word, and doodle in Paint.

It’s not Vista.

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