Here are the big tech companies where Ashley Madison is most popular

Thanks to the hackers that attacked infidelity dating site Ashley Madison and dumped a bunch of data online, the world has learned a lot about people who want to be unfaithful.

There’s a caveat of course. There’s no way to tell how truthful the information is from the cheating website. It’s pretty easy to use fake email addresses, fake locations and so on.

In fact, one-third of all the Ashley Madison accounts are fake, data crunching site Dadaviz found.

In fact, I set up a completely fake account so I could poke around and see that the site was like and can vouch for how easy that was to do.

Of the 36.4 million email addresses used, a little over 24 million were real email accounts. And that doesn’t mean a lot either. Ashley Madison doesn’t verify email accounts, which means anyone could plunk in any email account, even if it wasn’t their own. And, not everyone on Ashley Madison was married. People were using the site to arrange all kinds of hook ups.

All this to say take the chart below with a grain of salt. It shows the number of valid email accounts at 10 large tech companies, according to Dadaviz.

IBM has over 350,000 employees and HP has nearly 300,000, so statistically speaking it’s not surprising that emails from those two companies were most prevalent among big tech companies on Ashley Madison. Cisco is a distant third.

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