Top Tech And Business 'Thought Leaders' Aren't Taking Advantage Of Twitter [CHARTS]

Many top tech CEOs and investors, or “thought leaders,” tweet less than once per day, according to Jeremy Waite, a head of digital strategy at Salesforce ExactTarget.

Waite discovered this fact after analysing the Twitter habits of the top 100 most-wanted speakers on the tech conference circuit, as identified by conference software company Bizzabo. He published his findings in an insightful post on his Tumblr.

BI Intelligence has compiled the findings in charts below showing tweets per day and monthly impressions per tech leader.

It might be argued that high-profile tech professionals — from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella — are too busy to Tweet.

But all the same, the lost opportunity must be kept in mind, Waite writes.

The top 20 leaders on Bizzabo’s most-wanted speaker list average 850,000 Twitter followers. They are able to reach tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people with their tweeted messages and opinions. Over the course of the month, that can really add up in terms of “impressions,” or tweet views. A modest number of additional tweets per month can translate to exponentially more views, BI Intelligence finds.

Arguably, this is a massive lost opportunity for companies like Facebook, Tesla, and Yahoo whose top executives tweet less than once a day.

Eleven tech “thought leaders” tweeted less than once daily as of March 2014.

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The chart below shows the monthly impressions earned on Twitter by the top 20 Bizzabo-ranked tech thought leaders.

BI Intelligence calculated a rough estimate for monthly Twitter impressions by assuming that 20% of followers will see a given tweet (Waite’s rule of thumb), excluded retweets, and calculated the number of tweets in a month by multiplying the user’s average number of daily tweets by 30.

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