NFL salaries still trail MLB and NBA by a wide margin

NFL players risk a lot to play their sport, and yet when it comes to getting paid the top players still fall well behind players in Major League Baseball and the NBA.

The average salary for the top 100 players in MLB is $US16.3 million this season, according to Spotrac. Meanwhile, the 100 highest-paid players for the upcoming NBA season will make an average of $US13.3 million. In the NFL, even if we use each player’s salary cap figure, since bonuses play such a huge part in NFL contracts, the top 100 players will make $US11.6 million, 29% less than the MLB players and 13% less than the NBA.

To make matters worst, those smaller salaries in the NFL are not guaranteed while most of the players in the other sports have future guaranteed salaries on top of what they will make this season.

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