The top 37 retail brands for millennials

Millennials make up a crucial group of consumers.

Ad agency Moosylvania asked over 3,500 millennials — defined as 20 to 35-year-olds — to select their favourite brands over the past three years.

Great Questions, LLC helped rank the winning brands.

While we compiled a list of top 100 millennial brands, here are the top retail brands for millennials.

Ashley Lutz and Mallory Schlossberg contributed to this story.

37. DC Shoes

Headquarters: Huntington Beach California

Why it's hot: DC Shoes is about cultivating a skateboarding lifestyle. Additionally, the brand engaged its audience by with its #TraseYours campaign, wherein the Talenthouse community of artists were able to design shoes for chances to win cash prizes. Better yet, the winning design had the chance of being produced by DC Shoes.

36. Carter's

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Why it's hot: The Carter's website proves that the brand has nailed ecommerce. In fact, the brand has mastered social media. Therefore, Moosylvania found that it's very appealing to millennial parents who want to share photos of their babies (wearing Carter's apparel, no less) with its hashtag#lovecarters. Carter's features those photos of adorable tykes on its website, too.

35. Calvin Klein

Headquarters: New York, NY

Why it's hot: Calvin Klein utilises popular celebrities for its campaign. It also is savvy when it comes to the social sharing culture -- its #MyCalvins campaign has successfully capitalised on that.

34. Anthropologie

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Why it's hot: Anthropologie is Urban Outfitter's finely curated and refined sister brand, so it makes sense that the brand chose to engage with its consumers via Pinterest, the social channel that's all about curation, with its #PintoWin contest.

33. J.Crew

Headquarters: New York, NY

Why it's hot: Times have been tough for preppy mainstay J. Crew, as it appeared to stray from its roots with odd selections. But afall collection and the spring/summer 2016lineup looked generally promising. The brand continues to connect with millennial women, largely in part due to its Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. J. Crew's 'Very Personal Styling' also appeals to millennials, as does its somewhat-affordable wedding apparel.

32. Gucci

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Why it's hot: Gucci engaged with millennial consumers with a campaign surrounding its classic loafer. The campaign included quizzes, a Pinterest board, and a #Gucci1953HorsebitLoafter hashtag, cementing the luxury brand as a participant in the social community with its own voice.

31. Rue 21

Headquarters: Warrendale, Pennsylvania

Why it's hot: The brand has figured out a way to pull in shoppers. When rue21 launched its new ecommerce site, it held a 'Shop & Win' contest. The contest involved a social sharing aspect as well as the promise of winning clothing.

30. Puma

Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Why it's hot: While Puma lags in comparison to competitors Nike and Adidas, it still has managed to engage a young audience -- especially with its 'Dance Dictionary' feature. Fortunately, Rihanna's involvement with the brand is helping it tremendously.

29. Nordstrom


Headquarters:Seattle, Washington

Why it's hot: Nordstrom is the department store that's managing to defy the odds. It recently announced plan to expand its lower-priced concept, Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom managed to capture and hold onto a young audience by adding Reddit to its social media roster.

28. Sephora

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Headquarters: Paris, France

Why it's hot: Sephora is the premiere destination for all things beauty. Its points and rewards system encourages brand loyalty; consumers keep coming back to obtain points to earn new products. Sephora's app, Beauty Insider, features 'Beauty Boards,' which allow shoppers to show off their best new looks. It also serves an inspiration board, in the same vein as Pinterest.

27. JCPenny

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Why it's hot: JCPenney has been working to execute a turnaround by focusing on engaging consumers, like with its interactive charity game during the Oscars. JCPenney recently starting incorporating Sephora units into its larger stores.

25. Michael Kors


Headquarters: New York, New York

Why it's hot: Michael Kors bags and watches are very popular with millennials, although a recent rise in ubiquity (along with rapid expansion) has threatened the brand's level of luxury. It may be too popular for its own good. Still, Moosylvania praises the brand for its memorable 2013 campaign,#WhatsInYourKors, which cemented the brand's social voice.

23. Ralph Lauren

Headquarters: New York, New York

Why it's hot: Ralph Lauren's brand is available at more than 11,000 stores worldwide. The brand has become more active on social media and hired Sports Illustrated cover model Hannah Davis to model its resort collection. The brand also encouraged consumers to be a part of its 'Project Warehouse' campaign last year, which Moosylvania says created an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers.

22. Coach

Headquarters: New York, NY

Why it's hot: Coach's social media activity and campaigns have made the luxury brand accessible to younger shoppers who don't have as much money. But, Coach's ubiquity and accessibility have hurt the brand's reputation as a luxury retailer, so the brand has been focusing on toning down its promotions to help it become more exclusive again.

21. Macy's

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Why it's hot: Millennials are spending less money on clothes, which is bad news for Macy's. In order to attract younger shoppers, the brand has been investing in trendier clothing lines and other categories like home goods and cosmetics. But Macy's has been also focusing on its social campaign, like its #MacysLoveMoms. For every photo memory or tweet shared, the company donated $3 to a charity.

20. Express

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Why it's hot: Express rewards shoppers by not just using their store credit cards, but by getting involved with Express in other ways, too -- like retweeting its tweets and singing up for its text message alerts. For every 2,500 points, shoppers earn $10. This helps Express ensure customer loyalty.

19. Aeropastale

Headquarters: New York, New York

Why it's hot: Despite falling out of favorwith the teen set, Aeropostale still maintains some loyalty with the 20-somethings who wore it in high school. The brand's status, however, is falling fast as young people increasingly move away from logos. The brand has appealed to millennials by incorporating YouTube personality Bethany Mota into its marketing and fashion plans.

18. Gap

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Why it's hot: Although Gap's 'Dress Normal' campaign generally misfired, it succeeded on some points. Moosylvania points to tis 'Play Your Stripes' game in collaboration with Blood Orange, where people could 'play' the stripes on their clothes to create music.

17. H&M

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Why it's hot: H&M knows what its consumers want. Moosylvania points to the racy campaign where shoppers could choose how David Beckham would appear in one of its ads -- with or without clothes (he was wearing briefs, of course!). H&M has also managed to lure many sartorially minded shoppers with its high-profile collaborations.

16. Under Armour

Facebook/Under Armour

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

Why it's hot: Under Armour has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to signing famous athletes like Stephen Curry and smart marketing of its performance-wear. The brand is rapidly catching up to competitors Lululemon and Nike, especially as it incorporates more technologically-focused apparel into its lineup.

15. Levi's

Business Insider/Aly Weisman

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Why it's hot: Levi's has benefited from young consumers' tendency to wear denim and casual clothing to work. But now, many millennials are abandoning denim entirely, choosing to wear athletic attire instead. To combat this problem, Levi's has beendesigning jeans that are stretchy and more form-fitting in nature, to put them in line with athleisure-style apparel.

12. Victoria's Secret

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Why it's hot: Victoria's Secret is the undisputed leader of the lingerie market, controlling 35% of share. The company's marketing strategy, which includes its famous Angels, is seen as one of the best in the business.

9. Old Navy


8. Converse

Dell / Facebook

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Why it's hot: Converse has seen sales boom as more millennials wear sneakers to work and other occasions. Athletic apparel and footwear is set to outperform the industry for the next five years, according to Morgan Stanley. Converse's 'Made By You' campaign allowed consumers to show off their unique attributes and lives -- using Converse as a vehicle for it all.

4. Forever 21


Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Why it's hot: Forever 21 offers fast fashion at unbeatable prices and has expanded tremendously in two decades.

3. Wal-Mart


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