Top Republicans Are Lining Up To Support Mitch Daniels

mitch daniels

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In the face of what appears to be a weak GOP presidential field, top Republicans are stepping up to pressure Mitch Daniels into running for the party’s 2012 nomination.The Indiana Governor told reporters last night that an announcement will come soon. The deciding factor will be the Daniels family, particularly his wife Cheri Daniels, who is reluctant to open up their life to the scrutiny of a presidential campaign.

If Daniels does decide to run, he’ll have the support of several Republican powerhouses, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

CBS News reports that Daniels, who was budget director under President George W. Bush, has also been assured backing from members of the Bush family, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, as well as many of the major donors who supported the Bush campaign.

Sources told CBS that former First Lady Laura Bush has even reached out to Cheri Daniels to encourage her to support her husband’s bid and offer campaign advice.

As Indiana’s First Lady, Cheri Daniels has stayed out of the political spotlight. Her remarks at the Indiana Republican Party’s annual spring dinner last night was her first-ever speech at a major political event, and stirred speculation that she may be on board for her husband’s White House run.

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