REVEALED: Here's What People Actually Buy From SkyMall


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Those ridiculous catalogues stuffed in the back of every airline seat, which advertise Harry Potter wands, hair-restoring helmets and super ketchup, are actually a serious business.SkyMall is thought to exceed $100 million in annual sales, including its online business.

So what do people actually buy from the catalogue?

We got in touch with the company for a list of the top sellers in the current issue.

#10 Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder

'Paper towel in the kitchen? Toilet tissue in the bathroom? This giraffe keeps what you need at hand.'

This little fellow retails for $29.95.

#9 Posture Corrective Brace

'This over-the-shoulder support gently holds shoulder and back in a healthier position. Individuals with osteoporosis and postural disturbances will find our Posture Corrective Brace to be especially beneficial in helping you stand straight.'

This device costs $39.99.

#8 Campus Letter Art Photos

'We traveled to hundreds of colleges and universities and took photos. Each picture represents a letter and underneath each image is a caption indicating where on campus the photo was taken. For example, the 'M' in the Alabama photo shown was taken from Bryant-Denny Stadium.'

This college memorabilia costs $49.99 to $79.99.

#7 Dermatend Original

'Dermatend is a breakthrough all-natural mole, wart and skin tag remover that's safe to use in the privacy of your own home. Unlike surgery, you won't be left with unsightly scars or a large doctor bill. And best of all, it's guaranteed!'

This miracle cure sells for $39.99.

#6 Indoor/outdoor Dog Bed Large

'Use this elevated dog bed to give your pet a welcome alternative to napping on the cold floor or hard cement patio.'

This pet accessory sells for $27.99.

#5 Faux Suede Sofa Protector

'Soft, suede-like cover protects sofa upholstery from spills and pet hair.'

This furniture accessory retails for $49.99.

#4 Bunion Regulator

'You can say good night to bunions! Slip on our nighttime Bunion Regulator before you go to bed and, while you sleep, tight tendons and toe muscles stretch. '

This podiatrical device costs $17.99.

#3 Skyrest Travel Pillow

'This person is able to sleep comfortably in any Seat! Can you say the same? Probably not, unless you have SkyRest.'

This pillow costs $29.95.

#2 Vista Stair Treads

'Enjoy pure cotton comfort with a nonslip backing for safety.'

This staircase accessory costs $29.98 for a set of 4.

#1 Releaf Neck Rest—The top seller right now and also the top seller of all time!

'The lightweight and compact Releaf Neck Rest allows for easy travel as compared to a bulky neck pillow, while offering greater all-around support for your head.'

This pillow sells for $19.99.

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