The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays that everybody will be talking about this morning.

The Golden State Warriors are 16-0 and Stephen Curry was doing Stephen Curry things. To the surprise of few, the Warriors destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers 111-77. Kobe Bryant looked terrible and Stephen Curry looked great, scoring a game-high 24 points in only 30 minutes. In a special double, here are four of the points. The first one shows the “defence” the Lakers were throwing at Curry (look out, Curry is coming!). In the second, notice how the Warriors are up 30 points and Curry lets the ball roll up court so that the Warriors can get a quick shot and guarantee at least one more possession before the quarter ends, all before unleashing a gorgeous spin-o-rama.

Lob City threw down an alley-three. Blake Griffin had missed his previous ten shots, so it was fitting that a player known for alley-oops, caught a pass in mid-air with the shot clock running down, and quickly threw up a 3-point shot before going back to the ground. And he made it. The Clippers beat the Nuggets 111-94.

Luis Suarez put on a footwork show in the Champions League. Another two-fer as Suarez helped put Barcelona up 2-0 over AS Roma with a nifty flick-pass to Lionel Messi for one goal. Later, in the soccer equivalent of Blake Griffin’s alley-three above, Suarez rocketed a deflection past the keeper without letting the ball hit the ground. The keeper never had a chance. Barça won 6-1.

Here is a special day-before-Thanksgiving bonus because we can’t get enough of basketball’s next superstar. So far, the hype surrounding the 6-foot-10, 19-year-old, Australian import, LSU freshman Ben Simmons is justified. Not only is he big and athletic, but he is big and can play like a point guard. This pass is the latest example as he leads his teammate perfectly for an easy dunk. Gorgeous! Unfortunately LSU lost in overtime, 83-72 to North Carolina State.

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