Meet the Wall Streeters on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business

Finance is no longer the lifeblood of the business world.

At least, that’s what Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business would have you believe.

In fact, only three people from the traditional finance sphere made the cut this year, while the majority of people on the list come from tech.

Dianne McKeever, Kim Posnett, and Brad Katsuyama ranked 19th, 16th, and 15th, respectively, this year. And while they all work in finance, each of their careers is at least tangentially related to the startup or technology worlds.

We should also note that a number of influencers from the fintech, or financial technology, spheres ranked on this year’s list.

They include Betterment’s CEO and cofounder, Jon Stein; PayPal’s global head of product and engineering, Bill Ready; and Vitalik Butern, the creator of the blockchain-based platform Ethereum.

Meet this year’s most infuential financiers

Dianne McKeever, 38, manages the activist hedge fund Ides Capital, which launched a successful campaign to boost Boingo Wireless’ value earlier this year. Fortune calls McKeever “the only woman running an activist hedge fund shaking up US companies.”

Kim Posnett, 39, is the only person to make the cut from banking. She is Goldman Sachs’ global cohead of internet investment banking. Posnett led Etsy’s 2015 IPO and Demandware’s purchase of Salesforce earlier this year, according to Fortune. Before joining Goldman Sachs in 2005, she had a short career in acting in Hollywood, according to her bio.

Brad Katsuyama, 38, is the top-ranking finance influencer this year. He is the cofounder and CEO of America’s newest stock exchange, IEX Group, which features in Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys.” Before founding his trading platform, Katsuyama, who is Canadian, was global head of electronic sales and trading at the Royal Bank of Canada.

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