From Obama Girl To Antoine Dodson: Here Are The Most Popular Videos From Next New Networks

Google has officially acquired Next New Networks – a video production startup that has generated over a billion views in its four years of existence.

Even if you’ve never heard of Next New Networks, you’ve probably seen at least one video that the startup either produced or distributed. Some notable ones are 2007’s “Crush on Obama” from Barely Political and the “Bed Intruder Song” from The Gregory Brothers.

Check out the biggest hits from Next New Networks.

10. Barely Political: Crush On Obama – 21.5M

9. The Gregory Brothers: DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! – 22.3M

8. Key of Awesome: Katy Perry California Gurls Parody! – 26.2M

7. Key of Awesome: Bad Romance parody – 27M

6. Key of Awesome: Love the Way You Lie Parody – 29.6M

5. Keep The Heat: Love the Way You Lie Parody – 34.9M

3. Barely Political: Super Obama Girl! – 37.3M

2. Key of Awesome: TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – 68.2M

1. The Gregory Brothers: Bed Intruder Song!!! – 74.4M

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