Here are the 10 new TV shows that are dominating the internet

New Fall TV Shows rankings amobee main
These are the top three new TV shows on the internet, social media and mobile. The CW, CBS

This could be the biggest fall for television remakes, revivals and spinoffs. That could just be what the major networks really needed to cut through today’s very dense TV landscape, because it’s working.

Business Insider partnered with Amobee Brand Intelligence — a company that provides marketing insight and measures real-time content consumption across the internet, social, and mobile — to find out which new TV shows are actually breaking through the clutter and getting the most attention.

During the process, Amobee discovered that out of the 10 upcoming fall TV series that generated the most consumption between April 19-May 19, six were based on existing franchises. A whopping 88% of the digital consumption — a measure of how often a term/brand is actually “seen” online (600,000+ websites including mobile) and social media — around those 10 shows was around shows based on existing franchises.

Supergirl flying CBS
CBS’s ‘Supergirl’ is the No. 1 most digitally consumed new TV show of the fall season. CBS

CBS’s “Supergirl” remake soared above next season’s new shows, receiving the most digital consumption and thus setting the bar against which the other shows are compared.

The CW’s “Arrow”-“Flash” spinoff “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” came in second at 69% of “Supergirl’s” digital consumption.

In the third position, CBS’s sequel to Bradley Cooper film “Limitless” came in at 51%.

It was followed by ABC’s “The Muppets” revival in fourth place at 31%.

The first original series to break through is Fox’s Ryan Murphy series “Scream Queens,” which rounds out the Top 5 with 16%.

See Amobee’s chart below for the other shows that broke into the internet’s Top 10 most “seen” series:

New Fall TV Shows rankings amobee

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