TOP KILL PROBLEM: BP Delays Operation Due To Too Much Leaking Fluid


An anonymous BP technician tells the NYT there’s been a delay after too much drilling fluid was escaping the well. The mud-like fluid has to be in place before Top Kill moves to the cement phase.

New York Times:

A technician at the BP command centre said that pumping of the fluid had to be stopped temporarily while engineers were revising their plans, and that the company hoped to resume pumping by midnight, if federal officials approved.

The technician, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief reporters, said the problem was not seen as serious. “We’re still quite optimistic,” he said, but cautioned: “It is not assured and its not a done deal yet. All of this will require some time.”

It just so happens that BP killed the live cam feed minutes shortly before the news, claiming the camera lens was dirty.

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