The top 10 Google searches by Australians in 2017

Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Australians in 2017 took to the web to search for enlightenment on fidget spinners, the same sex marriage vote, Cyclone Debbie, Beef Stroganoff and political tension in North Korea.

Google has just released its annual wrap of aggregated searches in Australia.

“From from slime to sport, covfefe to cryptocurrency and hurricanes to hot cross buns – Aussies searched for an eclectic bunch of topics this year,” says Google.

“It was the year we pined for slime, whirled fidget spinners and were hungry Shepherd’s pie.

“We celebrated sport, looked into bitcoin and mourned senseless tragedies.”

Here are the top trending Australian search terms for 2017:


    1. Australian Open 2017
    2. Melbourne Cup 2017
    3. Wimbledon 2017
    4. Fidget spinner
    5. Cyclone Debbie
    6. iPhone 8
    7. North Korea
    8. Chris Cornell
    9. iPhone X
    10. Amazon Australia site


    1. Cyclone Debbie
    2. North Korea
    3. Amazon Australia site
    4. Hurricane Irma
    5. Bali volcano
    6. London
    7. Las Vegas
    8. Manchester
    9. UK election
    10. Schapelle Corby


    1. Sophie Monk
    2. Kate Fischer
    3. chapelle Corby
    4. Ben McCormack
    5. Dustin Martin
    6. Cassie Sainsbury
    7. Lisa Wilkinson
    8. Paul Hogan
    9. Katherine Langford
    10. Amber Sherlock

How to …?

    1. How to make slime
    2. How to make a fidget spinner
    3. How to make fluffy slime
    4. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor
    5. How to buy Bitcoin
    6. How to make slime without borax
    7. How to use Snapchat map
    8. How to unblock people on Instagram
    9. How to make slime without glue
    10. How to vote for gay marriage

What is … ?

    1. What is MSG
    2. What is Bitcoin
    3. What is kimchi
    4. What is a publican
    5. What is covfefe
    6. What is a fidget spinner
    7. What is MSG and why is it bad
    8. What is Sharia law
    9. What is DACA
    10. What is good friday


    1. Beef Stroganoff
    2. Hot cross bun
    3. Hollandaise sauce
    4. Chilli con carne
    5. Chicken Cacciatore
    6. Bechamel sauce
    7. Chicken parmigiana
    8. Shepherd’s pie
    9. Beef Bourguignon
    10. Quiche Lorraine

How to cook … ?

    1. How to cook tofu
    2. How to cook eggplant
    3. How to cook pasta
    4. How to cook rice in microwave
    5. How to cook smoked cod
    6. How to cook silverside
    7. How to cook lentils
    8. How to cook salmon fillets
    9. How to cook fennel
    10. How to cook rhubarb

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