Australia, this what you Googled in 2018

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Ah, Google Search. We love it because it can answer all our dumb questions, but fear it, because it also holds all of our questionable search history.

Last week, Google released the most popular search terms in Australia. Here’s the stuff we were most interested in:

Overall winners

Unsurprisingly, sport reigned supreme here because ‘Straya.

    1. World Cup
    2. Commonwealth Games
    3. Meghan Markle
    4. Avicii
    5. Coinspot
    6. Anthony Bourdain
    7. US Open Tennis
    8. Mac Miller
    9. Bitcoin price
    10. Black Panther

In the news

While our obsession with the royals is apparently as strong as ever, you’ll also find a keen interest in politics and international disasters.

    1. Royal Wedding
    2. Thai cave rescue
    3. Wentworth by-election
    4. My health record
    5. Beaumont children
    6. Hawaii volcano
    7. California fires
    8. Listeria
    9. US midterm elections
    10. Blood moon


I’m just here for the Freddie Mercury love and Logan Paul hate.

    1. Meghan Markle
    2. Demi Lovato
    3. Freddie Mercury
    4. Khloe Kardashian
    5. Logan Paul
    6. Tristan Thompson
    7. Hailey Baldwin
    8. Sylvester Stallone
    9. Khabib
    10. Travis Scott

Aussie figures

We’ve got a strong showing from #auspol on this one with a small look in from the sporting world and the Honey Badger.

    1. Barnaby Joyce
    2. Scott Morrison
    3. Peter Dutton
    4. Billy Slater
    5. Craig McLachlan
    6. Vikki Campion
    7. David Warner
    8. Chopper Read
    9. Nick Cummins
    10. Andrew Gaff

Those no longer with us

    1. Avicii
    2. Anthony Bourdain
    3. Mac Miller
    4. xxxtentacion
    5. Stan Lee
    6. Kate Spade
    7. Aretha Franklin
    8. Burt Reynolds
    9. Jessica Falkholt
    10. Eurydice Dixon

How to…

Online privacy is clearly a big concern. I’m proud of you, Australia.

As for number 8, you’ll want to press the volume up and lock buttons on the side of the device at the same time. RIP Home Button.

    1. How to opt out of my health record?
    2. How to watch World Cup in Australia?
    3. How to win Powerball?
    4. How to delete Instagram?
    5. Google Arts and Culture face match how to
    6. How to buy bitcoin?
    7. How to lose weight fast?
    8. How to screenshot on iPhone X?
    9. How to delete Facebook?
    10. How to lose belly fat?

What is…

If you asked number 6 – Sacramento. Fun fact: many famous US cities aren’t the capital of the state they’re in. Albany is the capital of New York and Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana.

You’re welcome.

    1. What is bitcoin?
    2. What is listeria?
    3. What is ligma?
    4. What is hazing?
    5. What is a mud room?
    6. What is the capital of California?
    7. What is open on Good Friday?
    8. What is Diwali?
    9. What is blockchain?
    10. What is ball tampering?

Why is…

Number 10 is obviously the most important question here. I’ve been there – it was a dyed burger bun. It wasn’t worth it.

    1. Why is State of Origin on Sunday?
    2. Why is it called Good Friday?
    3 Why is Russia OAR?
    4. Why is Australia Day Jan 26?
    5. Why is Tim Cahill not playing tonight?
    6. Why is ANZAC Day important?
    7. Why is Australia Day celebrated?
    8. Why is my internet so slow?
    9. Why is Nick Cummins called the honey badger?
    10. Why is my poop green?

What to eat…

These were all me. Okay, not the Keto one.

    1. Keto recipes
    2. Beef stroganoff recipes
    3. Chicken curry recipes
    4. Frittata recipes
    5. Gnocchi recipes
    6. Risotto recipes
    7. Chicken soup recipes
    8. Fried rice recipes
    9. Omelette recipes
    10. Beef stew recipes

And how to cook it

Hard pass on the corned beef and silverside. Don’t @ me.

    1. How to cook corned beef
    2. How to cook eggplant
    3. How to cook tofu
    4. How to cook silverside
    5. How to cook beetroot
    6. How to cook rice in the microwave
    7. How to cook corn
    8. How to cook couscous
    9. How to cook crayfish
    10. How to cook barramundi

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