The Top 10 Free Apps Of The Year, According To Apple

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As it does each year, Apple released its picks and rankings of the year’s best apps.One category stands out to us, however–the most popular free apps.

Why not see what kinds of widely used apps you can get your mitts on without paying a thing at all?

Check out the rankings below.

#10 Pinterest

The hugely hyped pinboard service's app lets you update your boards and check out other people's collections as well.

Check it out here >

#9 Twitter

Share your bursts of thought, 140 characters at a time.

Check it out here >

#8 Facebook Messenger

This is Facebook's all-in-one communications app. Send messages and chats to stay in touch with your friends.

Check it out here >

#7 Flashlight

It turns your phone's LED flash into a pretty handy flashlight. Seems pretty useful for finding your keys in the dark.

Check it out here >

#6 Pandora

The custom radio station app that stitches together songs based on what it knows you like also ranks here.

Check it out here >

#5 Temple Run

It's a coin-collecting, jumping-and-sliding running game that was incredibly popular this year.

Check it out here >

#4 YouTube

The definitive destination for online video.

Check it out here >

#3 Draw Something

This app made headlines when OMGPOP sold it to Zynga for $180 million earlier this year. It's a hugely popular game akin to Pictionary except you can play it over the internet.

Check it out here >

#2 Facebook

It's the most popular social network in the world, so it obviously has a huge pull in the App Store.

Check it out here >

#1 Instagram

Recently acquired by Facebook, your favourite photo-filtering app is an obvious first-place pick for the most popular free app of the year.

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