Top Five Trish Stratus Matches

Trish Stratus has returned to the WWE and will inject some “Stratusfaction” back into the WWE Divas division. The former WWE champion will wrestle her first match in almost five years at WrestleMania 27. To celebrate her return, I look back at the top five Trish Stratus matches.

I am not a big fan of the WWE Divas division but I always liked Trish’s matches. She is probably the most underrated women’s wrestler that the WWE has ever had. Her matches were always fast, fun, exciting, and unique. Even more impressive is that she was able to bring the best out of a variety of opponents from Jazz to Lita, to Victoria to Mickie James. Trish Stratus was definitely one of a kind.

We can sit here and debate Trish Stratus’ best matches for the next three months but I went back and watched about a dozen of her most noteworthy matches and came up with this list. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment and let me know which match you think was Trish’s best.

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