Robinhood IPO hype – Dimon’s successor – BofA nixes health checks

Vlad Tenev, CEO and Co-Founder, Robinhood in his office on July 15, 2021 in Menlo Park, California.

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‘We can expect fireworks’: 6 experts sound off on their expectations for Robinhood’s hugely anticipated IPO

Robinhood on cellphone

With Robinhood expected to start trading Thursday, we asked six experts what to expect ahead of its stock market debut. Plus, its CEO Vlad Tenev said it’s all-in on crypto, and that users can expect new crypto features “at some point,” a teaser that gives us a glimpse at the company’s future.

Jamie Dimon is hanging on. Who will wait it out?

Jamie dimon

JPMorgan’s CEO was awarded a new stock option that he must stick around for five years to collect – a move that has left onlookers to wonder who, exactly, will be left to succeed him when he’s gone. Here’s what this all means.

Bank of America tells most employees they no longer have to complete health checks before going into work starting Monday, leaked memo shows

Brian Moynihan gesturing on a TV set wearing a suit and blue tie.

The firm cited rising vaccination rates in the US and within the company, in accordance with guidance from medical experts, to support its new stance. Check out what else the leaked memo said.

Wells Fargo just gave some investment bankers optional return-to-office dates in August ahead of the firm’s full reopening post-Labor Day

Charles Scharf Wells Fargo

While the firm expects all bankers to be at the office or with clients five days per week starting Sept. 7, it just gave some bankers in New York and North Carolina the option to return as soon as August 2. A look at what else we know.

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