The top 15 cities people are looking to hook up in while travelling, according to Tinder

Last year, Tinder launched a feature for its premium users that let them change their location and swipe anywhere in the world.

The basic idea was that if you were about to travel to Paris you might want to arrange a date while you’re there.

Tinder, which is trying to expand beyond dating, also points out that you could get tips on the best hotspots, avoid tourist traps, and even brush up on the local language. But you’re probably going to be looking for people to go out with.

Now Tinder has released a list of the top cities people “teleport” to in order to start swiping early. Some big ones, like London, Paris, and New York, you could have probably guessed. But there are also some surprises, like Stockholm coming in at number six.

Here is the full list:

1) London, England

2) Paris, France

3) New York, USA

4) Berlin, Germany

5) Moscow, Russia

6) Stockholm, Sweden

7) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8) Sydney, Australia

9) Barcelona, Spain

10) Buenos Aires, Argentina

11) Melbourne, Australia

12) Los Angeles, USA

13) Auckland, New Zealand

14) Dublin, Ireland

15) Rome, Italy

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