The 50 Best Cities For Job Seekers This Winter

Good news, job seekers: A new survey from employment services firm ManpowerGroup shows that employers in all 50 states plan to increase their staffing levels this winter — and most plan to start the year on a more confident hiring note than they did in 2014. 

For its latest Employment Outlook Survey Manpower asked more than 18,000 employers in the 100 largest US metropolitan areas about their hiring plans for the three-month period ending in March and found 19% expect to increase their payrolls during the first quarter of 2015, while just 6% say they will decrease their staffing levels.

This yields a net increase of 13% that plan to hire — or 16% when seasonally adjusted, which is up 1% from last quarter and 3% from the first quarter of 2014. 

“As overall demand improves, we continue to see consistent, gradual strengthening in US employers’ hiring plans,” said ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising in a press release. “There’s a little wind at our backs, as evidenced by the broadly positive hiring plans, and we see that as boding well for 2015.”

Here are the 50 best cities for job seekers this winter ranked by the net percentage of employers in each city that plan to hire:

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