Top Celebrity Tweets O' The Week—The Grammys, Whitney Houston and Valentine's Day

It was a huge week in the Twitterverse. Celebs paid tribute to Whitney Houston, Valentine’s Day, the Grammy Awards, #LINsanity and more.

Rihanna received her own Whitney portrait, Kate Upton celebrated her new Sports Illustrated cover and Taylor Swift shows off her two new friends.

From Chris Brown flipping off America for trashing him at the Grammy Awards to Oprah begging for ratings, here’s this week’s instalment of celebrity tweets o’ the week.

Hollywood said goodbye to a singing legend last weekend...

with an out pour of prayers.

Bruno Mars also performed in memory of Whitney.

Rihanna took her mum to the Grammys.

and gave Fergie a thumbs up on her look. You can check out the story below.

Taylor Swift had a couple of things to be happy about.

Nicki Minaj ignored all the flack she received for her interesting Grammys performance.

And, so did Chris Brown...

Others were raving about Willie Nelson's performance on the popular Chipotle commercial of the night.

or vying for viewers on their OWN network.

Kate's town was really excited about her SI swimsuit cover...

as well as Tyra Banks...

...and Kate herself.

Chelsea Handler swore off men for Valentine's Day.

While Ryan Seacrest warmed up to some baked goods.

NPH shared his whole 9-course meal with us. Here was one of the desserts.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who now has his own production company, shared a tiny love look on Tumblr...

It's adorable.

And, before his show went on hiatus due to a family emergency, Colbert sent out this gem.

While others gushed over their sweethearts, John Stewart was overcome with a case of #LINsanity.

He wasn't the only one. Spike was dishing out some big bucks to see Jeremy Lin.

...but any fan would agree the seats are definitely worth it!

because we're really not amused with 'American Idol' as of late.

Now check out another Sports Illustrated supermodel.

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