Top Celebrity Tweets O' The Week

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Celebs tweet the Super Bowl: Britney loves MadonnaKaty Perry goes H.A.M. and Ochocinco deals with the Patriots’ loss.Plus, Chelsea Handler‘s an “angel” and Rihanna still looks good as a blonde.

Yep. It’s that time of the week again—from Jimmy Fallon to Jordin Sparks, check out this week’s roundup of best celebrity tweets.

Aziz Ansari unknowingly revealed Christopher Nolan's perfect plan to get everyone to watch his film after a football game.

Plenty were freaking out about the last minutes of the game...

...while Britney was raving about Madonna's halftime performance.

Oh, we see what you did there, Katy.

Perry also wore her own custom shirt to the event.

Hmm...we wonder what Ronald Martin would think of this.

Tuck couldn't decide how to celebrate the win.

He should have taken a cue from Jimmy Fallon.

Words LeBron wished he heard...

Others wished model Evelyn Lozada would get off the Times Square JumboTron.

This is how Ochocinco gets over his Super Bowl loss.

Jessica showed off her pregnancy glow at the Super Bowl...

Wonder if she's craving the return of the Shamrock Shake as much as Fallon.

Joel McHale had some good news for anyone bored after the Super Bowl.

Kat Dennings was too busy cheering on a fellow Kat.

And, Chelsea Handler was celebrating her angelic look on the new cover of Redbook.

Nicki wasted no time moving from her halftime stint to her next big gigs—a new album and the Grammys. well as an auto-tuned Kristin Bell.

Rihanna's performing at the Grammys, too. Hopefully, with her new look.

Now, see what celebs had to say about Madonna's halftime show.

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