The top 8 most popular Silicon Valley Airbnb listings tech workers book for business travel proves price and location are everything

  • With all the large technology companies in the area,Silicon Valley sees thousands of business travellers pass through each year.
  • The average price for one night in a San Francisco hotel in 2019 is $US230.
  • Based on the 8 most popular listings, Silicon Valley business travellers tend to choose convenience and affordability over luxurious accommodations.
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Silicon Valley and San Francisco are home to many of the world’s biggest tech companies, so they’re naturally major destinations for business travellers. Yet, they are also notoriously expensive to stay in, which can make planning travel difficult.

According to Statista, the average price for a San Francisco hotel room in October 2019 is $US230, a figure which has risen throughout the year, peaking in August. This price is over $US100 lower than the all-time peak price of $US350 in October 2015, but it’s still much higher than the $US132.47 US nationwide average as of August 2019.

Many of these studio apartments and guest suites listed on Airbnb cost less than the average hotel, and are located with easy access to tech campuses. Tech workers chose low costs and limited privacy over other options; the most popular listings are private bedroom and guest suites, rather than entire apartments.

Keep reading to see where tech workers stay on business trips in Silicon Valley.

8. A San Francisco guest suite comes with a private patio for $US180.

Source: Airbnb

This listing is conveniently located in Dolores Heights, near public transportation.

7. This $US95 Cupertino guest suite is an affordable option for workers looking to be near Apple’s campus.

Source: Airbnb

Although it’s technically a suite off the main house, this unit has a private entrance, plus it’s own kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

6. This $US275 ground floor studio apartment is located in a trendy San Francisco neighbourhood.

Source: Airbnb

Explore San Francisco after work, or hang out in the backyard.

5. In Mountain View, $US158 a night will get you a 1-bedroom apartment with easy access to Google and Stanford.

Source: Airbnb

With on-site laundry and easy access to In-N-Out, this is the perfect Silicon Valley home base.

4. For $US285, travellers can stay in a sunny Mission District apartment with a private garden.

Source: Airbnb

Natural light and a queen bed make this a great place to end your day.

3. This basement studio in San Francisco is $US169 per night.

Source: Airbnb

The ‘mother-in-law’ suite has a private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette.

It also comes with a gated garden, and it’s within walking distance of the Castro neighbourhood.

2. A room in Milpitas, on the fringe of Silicon Valley, is also popular for its easy commuting location, and it’s a steal at $US48 per night.

Source: Airbnb

This listing consists of a private bed and bathroom, with a separate entrance, in a Milpitas home.

The popularity of this single bedroom shows that for tech workers, location trumps every other amenity.

1. Tech workers still prefer hotels – their number one pick is this room in San Francisco’s Hotel Whitcomb.

At $US125 per night, this hotel in the Tenderloin district is a convenient choice, with the typical amenities that you can expect from a hotel.

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