Top 9 Places To Eat In Eastern Suburbs Sydney According To Real Spending Data

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If you’re single, male and renting in Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs, you’re likely to have dined at Melbourne-born Vietnamese restaurant Miss Chu.

According to UBank’s PeopleLikeU site, which combines government statistics with about a billion NAB and UBank transaction records, 30-35 year old yuppies in Paddington, Bondi, Darlinghurst, Randwick and Bronte typically spend $136-$158 a month dining in restaurants and cafes.

Business Insider Australia used the tool too look at the most popular restaurants – defined as where people made the most purchases – among single men who earned $100,000-$150,000 a year.

Miss Chu was a clear favourite, racking up the most purchases from people in four of the five suburbs.

The 9 most popular restaurants were:

1. Miss Chu, where people spent $46-$54 a meal
2. Steakhouse Hurricanes Restaurant, where people spent $75-136
3. Mrs Sippy, where people typically spent $74
4. Beach Burrito, popular in Bondi and Bronte and costing an average of $40
5. Chat Thai, the most popular restaurant for Randwick residents with an average spend per visit of $59
6. Chiswick Restaurant, popular among Paddington residents who typically spent $204
7. Fish and chips specialist The Fish Shop, popular among Darlinghurst residents who typically spent $82
8. The Winery Surry Hills, with an average spend of $97
9. Bavarian Bier Cafe, popular in Randwick with an average cost of $84

More on the PeopleLikeU site.

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