Top 8 Places To Eat In Inner Melbourne According To Real Spending Data

Crown Casino: Luca Castellazzi

Affluent single men in Melbourne’s inner south and south-eastern suburbs are spending most of their dining-out budgets on restaurants in Crown Casino, NAB spending data reveals.

According to PeopleLikeU, which combines government statistics with about a billion NAB and UBank transaction records, 30-35 year old men who rent in Elwood, St Kilda, Prahran, South Yarra, Albert Park and Richmond visit restaurants and cafes about 2.5 times a month.

They typically spend $59-$65 a visit, and a total of $139-$162 a month each.

Business Insider Australia used the tool to look at the most popular restaurants – defined as where people made the most purchases – among those who earned $100,000-$150,000 a year.

Crown Casino restaurants were by far the most popular, attracting the most visits of all restaurants and cafes among residents of Elwood, St Kilda, Albert Park and Richmond, and the second-most visits among residents of Prahran and South Yarra.

The 8 most popular places to dine out were:

1. Crown Casino restaurants, where people spent $96-$110 a visit
2. Railway Windsor Hotel, a Chapel St restaurant and cocktail bar, where people spent $41-$55
3. The Rococo Italian Restaurant, popular among Elwood and St Kilda residents, who spent $84 a visit on average
4. Vietnamese eatery Miss Chu, which is also the most popular restaurant among eastern suburb Sydneysiders. Prahran and South Yarra residents typically spent $48 here
5. Albert Park’s Misuzu’s Japanese, the second-most popular among residents and attracting an average spend of $73 per visit
6. The Tree House Lounge, where a substantial tapas menu costs Richmond residents an average of $48 a visit
7. Chin Chin, a South-East Asian eatery that’s attached to a ‘go-go bar’ and costs Albert Park residents $130 a visit
8. Spanish tapas bar MoVida, which costs Richmond residents $142 a visit

More on the PeopleLikeU site.

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