The top 5 emerging jobs in Australia

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  • Customer Success Manager and Data Scientist among the top in-demand jobs in 2018.
  • LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs identifies those big demand roles.
  • Plus the top five skills for those roles.

Jobs relating to customers and technology dominate 2018’s most in demand emerging roles in Australia, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs.

LinkedIn has found, by analysing millions of user-input job titles from the last five years, that jobs that might have once sounded obscure are now critical for Australian business.

The top five emerging jobs are all in exteremely high demand and facing a talent shortage.

They are:

    1. Customer success manager
    2. Data scientist
    3. Full stack engineer
    4. Cyber security expert
    5. Experience designer

“It is no surprise that tech roles dominate the top emerging jobs,” says Jason Laufer, Senior Director, Learning and Talent Solutions, Asia Pacific at LinkedIn.

New business models such as Software as a Service (SaaS) have propelled job roles such as Customer Success Managers which were not that popular five years ago. Customer success jobs have grown 38% in the last 12 months.

Organisations now place immense value in maintaining positive engagement with customers.

This has seen an explosion in roles requiring strong skills in human interaction and communication such as customer success managers.

“These roles are critical in helping customers use products effectively and reduce customer churn, enabling the business to secure ongoing renewal revenue,” says Laufer.

The LinkedIn data shows the career paths most people have taken into these roles, as well as the skills most commonly associated with them.

Soft skills have emerged as one of the most important that employers are looking for in these roles.

Customer Success Managers need to collaborate well with other lines of business, Data Scientists need to know how to communicate insights creatively and Experience Designers need to show adaptability to changing business needs and demonstrate strong leadership.

“The top five emerging jobs are all in extremely high demand and when talent is thin on the ground, the ‘perfect candidate’ will be highly discerning and very expensive,” says Laufer.

“As the blurring and melding of job titles picks up pace, the key to finding the best people will be to focus on a recruit’s skills over their previous job titles.”

Laufer says the long-term challenge for HR and talent acquisition teams is to identify candidates with agility, versatility, and the capacity for retraining.

The top five skills for the emerging jobs:

Source: LinkedIn