The Top 5 Fast-Food Burgers At Some Of Our favourite Food Franchises

At the FranchiseHound, we are constantly on the search for the best investments in small business. Through our diligence process, we also try the food and love to provide our opinions.  Here are our favourite fast food burgers:

5. McDonald’s Big Mac

Big Mac

Who can really say no to this classic, iconic American burger?  This signature McDonald’s sandwich consists of two 1.6 oz beef patties, special “Mac” sauce, iceberg lettuce, American cheese, pickles, onions, served on three sesame buns.  What’s in that secret “Mac” sauce?  At the Hound, we believe its a variation of Thousand Island. Whatever it may be, McDonald’s plans to keep the secret in its secure vault!  Don’t be cheap, get the value meal. The fries are too good to pass up on.

4.  Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe Double

Wendy’s has no signature burger but this is by far our favourite.  With its unique square patty’s, this tasty delight is made with “fresh, never-frozen North American beef with a more expensive bun and thick, centre-cut applewood bacon.”  At $4.99, you can’t go wrong!  (Also available in a triple version for the more adventurous). We recently tried the newly released  “Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt” (two thumbs up!).  The old fries were gross.

3.  Burger King’s Whopper (with cheese, of course)

Introduced first in 1957, the Whopper has went through several iterations.  In its current form, the meaty delight consists of a flame grilled quarter-pound beef patty, sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and slice onion.  Cheese is optional but please don’t buy without!  Oh, and if you happen to be in Manhattan, we suggest you head over to the Whopper Bar and get the Meat Beast Whopper. It’s a sweet variation to the Original Whopper with a few added toppings (crispy bacon and sliced pepperoni topped with melted American cheese).

2.  Five Guys’ Make Your own Burger

Having literally taken over the burger industry 10 cities at a time, Five Guys has created a unique made-to-order burger that everyone loves.  In 2002, there were 6 locations, now there are over 700 with new locations opening up everyday. Men’s Health slandered Five Guys for having menu items that are unhealthy.  Oh really?  I thought we ate burgers to get slim.  As advice for first timers, we suggest the bacon double cheeseburger with lettuce, grilled onions, tomato, mayonnaise, ketchup and jalapenos (if you can handle it!)

1.  In-N-Out’s Double-Double (Animal Style, of course)

And finally our favourite!  Having grown from just one location in 1948, In-N-Out, a family owned company, currently owns and operates around 250 locations in the Western United States.  The Double-Double consists of two 100% beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, two slices of American cheese, onions, stacked high on a freshly made bun.  There is a secret menu that isn’t very secret anymore but if you are a first timer, get the burger “Animal Style.”  It consists of a “mustard-cooked beef patty with additional pickles, cheese, spread and grilled onions diced up and mixed together on the grill before getting dumped on your burger.”  True burger perfection!  Our only knock on In-N-Out?  Please start franchising! Share the wealth!

What is your ranking?  We’d love to hear…

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