The Top 13 Free Android Apps You Have To Install

Samsung Galaxy Android Market

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Today is the international launch of Samsung‘s highly anticipated Galaxy S III and there are many other Android phone releases on the horizon.We know Android fans are stoked for these and thought it was relevant to put together a list of some free Android apps that you have to check out first.


The highly popular social photo sharing app that everyone loves. You need to try this if you haven't yet.

It's simple. Take a photo, add a cool filter, share with friends.

Instagram for Android


Having access to millions of books and magazines is an incredible resource. Amazon has worked hard to make sure that their digital bookstore is the best, fill up your virtual shelves with this versatile app.

Kindle for Android

SMS Popup

Never miss an important text with this popular SMS app.

You can view and reply all from a single pop-up menu so you get your messages as soon as they arrive. You also have the option of customising vibrate patters, LED lights, and more

SMS Popup

Adobe Flash Player

Flash...How can you not install this app that gives you access to almost all of the web's video content. Apple won't let its iPhone users take advantage of this web standard format, take advantage of it with your Android phone.

Flash Player for Android


Use this app to keep in touch with all of your social networks not only is this an awesome Twitter client but you can also check track your Foursquare and Facebook activity all in one place.

TweetDeck for Android


Watch thousands of movies and TV shows on the go. Netflix...for Android, works the same as it does for every other platform the only catch is to just make sure it's available for your particular device.

*Netflix account required.

Netflix for Android

MP3 Ringtone Maker

Use MP3 ringtone maker to have easy access to popular ringtones and sounds. All of the ringtones and sounds are available for free and you can even create your own ringtones from sounds on your device.

MP3 Ringtone Maker

Juice Defender -- Battery Saver

The thing about batteries is that they never last long enough. This is a problem on any smartphone. Use this app to make sure that you are maximizing your time unplugged.

Juice Defender

Gesture Search

This awesome app was made by the fine folks at Google. It lets you search for things on your phone by drawing letters on the screen.

Gesture Search

Audiogalaxy Music

Audiogalaxy allows you to share your music from your computer to your phone through the cloud. In addition, the service also gives you access to Internet Radio. Check out more directly at the Audiogalaxy site.

Audiogalaxy for Android

Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro lets you to change the theme of your Android Phone giving you customisation options over the skin and the feel of the icons. You can pretty much make the phone look like whatever you choose and have options in 2-D or 3-D.

Launcher Pro


Improve your texting speed by seconds with this innovative way to type. Just swipe across the screen to build words, not only does this app look good its super simple to use.

Swype for Android

Virtual Table Tennis 3D

What would our list be without one game? Pass the time playing virtual ping pong against the computer. This game is face paced with 30 levels and 3 difficulty settings.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D for Android

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