10 travel destinations that are trending right now

Milan ShutterstockShutterstockMilan saw a staggering 105% increase in flight searches in 2014.

Kayak has created its first “Travel Hacker” guide.

The travel-search site analysed more than a billion travel searches to create a customised set of “hacks” that includes tips on where and when to travel in 2015.

It found the top 10 trending destinations by looking at the greatest increase in click traffic for each destination.

From Montreal to Milan, here are the top 10 trending destinations of 2015.

10. MONTREAL: There was a 14% increase in flight searches in 2014, which could be due to the city's Francophile culture and highly talked about cuisine.

9. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, USA: The capital of Connecticut saw a 15% increase in flight searches with help from increased business travelling.

8. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA: Nashville is known for its great music and dynamic food scene that attracts an international clientele. The town, otherwise known as 'Music City,' saw a 15% increase in flight searches in 2014.

7. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, USA: The oldest city in Georgia attracts travellers from around the world for its architecture, historical buildings, and amazing parks. The city saw a huge peak in flight searches from October to December, which could be due to Savannah's considerably mild winters.

6. TORONTO, CANADA: The Pan American Games are being hosted by Toronto in 2015, which will attract plenty of visitors. The emerging music scene and the city's thriving art scene will also draw in tourists.

5. ATHENS, GREECE: The recovering economy has many returning to visit Athens' ancient ruins.

4. HYDERABAD, INDIA: The city that was once known as the 'City of Pearls' saw a 42% increase in searches due to its thriving tech scene and nightlife.

3. PORTLAND, OREGON, USA: The Western 'capital of cool,' saw a 45% increase in flight searches in 2014.

2. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: Olympic anticipation is begging to heat up travel interest to the area. There was an especially large increase in travel searches during the summer months, as Rio is known for its amazing beaches.

1. MILAN, ITALY: The next World's Fair will be hosted in the Milan, and the six month Expo is expected to draw more than 20 million visitors -- which could be why Milan saw a staggering 105% increase in flight searches in 2014. The new canal-side bars and restaurants are also helping to attract younger crowds in the city.

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