These were the most talked about cars brands in 2017

FordFord’s new GT blew us away.

  • Google released the 10 car brands that received the most searches this year.
  • Seven brands ranked ahead of Tesla.
  • Some of them, like Lexus and Ford, released new cars that made a strong impression on the public.

While it sometimes seems like Tesla dominates auto industry news, seven car brands received more Google searches this year, according to new data released by Google. Among them were brands, like Lexus and Acura, that didn’t always make headlines, but made some of our favourite cars this year. And the most-searched brand is a car-making giant that’s starting to reverse its reputation for being old-fashioned.

These are the 10 most-searched car brands this year, according to Google.

10. Dodge


Dodge earned attention for its 2018 Challenger SRT Demon this year, which the company said has the most powerful V-8 engine of any production car and can go from 0-60 mph faster than any other production car.

9. Hyundai


Hyundai gave a glimpse of its future by accelerating the timeline for its semi-autonomous driving system and showing off a hydrogen-powered concept for its luxury Genesis brand.

8. Tesla


Despite encountering significant production problems for its Model 3, Tesla made waves by revealing its electric semi-truck, the Semi, and a new Roadster.

7. Acura

Hollis Johnson

We were so impressed with Acura’s TLX A-Spec we named it one of our favourite cars of the year.

6. Buick


Buick made big gains on Consumer Reports’ Annual Reliability Survey, jumping from the seventh to the third-most reliable car brand.

5. Honda


While Kelley Blue Book was a big fan of Honda’s new Civic EX, some think the company may not be well-positioned for the future.

4. Toyota


Toyota is optimistic heading into 2018 and is looking toward the future with a concept for a car with airless tires.

3. Kia


Kia impressed us with its cars and concepts this year, from its affordable and well-rounded Niro Hybrid to its flashy Stinger.

2. Lexus


Lexus took a step forward on all fronts this year, making its mark with an excellent hybrid offering and a pair of first-class sports cars.

1. Ford


Once criticised for lagging behind more forward-thinking car companies, Ford has been making aggressive investments in autonomous and electric vehicle technology. Among its current offerings, we thought its new GT was Ford’s all-time best car.

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