The 10 Most Popular Apps For The Kindle Fire

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The Amazon Appstore celebrates its first birthday today.Within the 12-month span, the Kindle Fire launched and helped the store grow from 4,000 apps to more than 31,000.

To celebrate, Amazon released a list of its most popular apps.

Most fall under the gaming, entertainment, and productivity categories.

Best of all, many of these apps are free.

If you don’t already own these apps, there’s nothing to lose to try them.

#10 Hangman Free

With the rise of word-associated games like Words With Friends and Scrabble, it seems people still prefer to stick the classic elementary school game of Hangman. You can play against a robot or challenge a friend to guess the word before the poor stick figure bites the dust.

Download: Hangman Free

#9 Jewels

Jewels is a classic puzzle game that requires players to swap gems around to match 3 and earn as many points as possible. As the jewels disappear, more will fall from above to fill up the screen, making it possible to create chains of jewel popping to earn multiplied points.

Download: Jewels

#8 Roller Lite

Skee-ball is arguably one of the best games you could find in an arcade growing up. It's the simple tap and slide functionality that makes Roller Lite fun and addictive. You can also switch the designs of each skee-ball and its set to match your personality. Too bad you won't be getting tickets to exchange for candy at the end of the night though.

Download: Roller Lite

#7 Little Piano

Looks like there's a little musician in many Android users. Little Piano is an easy way to practice your craft on the go, or play music for fun while showing off your artistic skills. The app was originally intended for children, who have smaller hands, to use the tablet to play music without having to own a full size piano. You can also use the guides that come with the app to play classic songs like 'Happy Birthday' or 'Jingle Bells.'

Download: Little Piano

#6 Bubble Buster

This game is only for those who really like colours. You can break the bubbles by double tapping the one colour, and only the ones that are connected to each other will disappear. The goal is to leave no bubble behind. This strategy puzzle game is full-featured and can be linked to play on Facebook as well.

Download: Bubble Buster

#5 Angry Birds Seasons

Who's not surprised one of the three Angry Birds game made it in the top five most downloaded free apps on Amazon Appstore? Looks like both Android and iOS gamers alike love to smash tiny birds into piles of rocks, wood and ice.

Download: Angry Birds Seasons

#4 Fruit Ninja

With a 60-second limit per game in Arcade mode, Fruit Ninja is a great game to pass around friends to try to beat each other's scores, or a time killer while you're commuting. The Frenzy and Freeze banana combination is pretty much the most insane thing to exist on the game.

Download: Fruit Ninja

#3 Solitaire

Everyone loves the classic game of Solitaire, as it is apparent in its third placement on our list. The remake of the game adds verticle and horizontal rotation integration, and is ranked at in first place in the Card Category on the Amazon Appstore.

Download: Solitaire

#2 Netflix

People like watching movies and television shows on the go, and Netflix is still dominating the mobile market. The app is free and works with your paid Netflix account to stream as much as you want, even allowing you to pick up where you left off if you were watching it on your computer or TV.

Download: Netflix

#1 Angry Birds

We're slowly becoming convinced Angry Birds is to apps as Titanic is to movies. Nothing will never beat how widely it has reached the masses. Both are also about sacrifice, too, right? One just looks a lot less morbid than the other.

Download: Angry Birds

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