The Week's Top 10 Mobile Data Points [The BI Intelligence Index]

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This week was full of big news, including the announcement of the new iPhone 5S and 5C and the news that Twitter had filed for its IPO.

Here are the numbers that defined the week in the mobile computing space:

  1. $549. That’s what a new iPhone 5C will cost unlocked in the United States. It’s reportedly even more expensive in China. Consumers around the world are moving away from subsidized phones on carrier contracts, so Apple’s strategy of clinging to the high-end may not be that smart.
  2. 60%. The proportion of Samsung’s business that comes from sales of low-end smartphones priced below $US300. Apple is losing the long-term smartphone game because of its utter lack of a low-end strategy.
  3. $500-600 Million. The range of projections for Twitter’s advertising revenue in 2013, according to PrivCo and eMarketer estimates. We’ll know the exact number once Twitter’s IPO filings become public.
  4. 65. That’s the number of demand-side platforms or DSPs (mobile advertising buyers) that Twitter will have access to thanks to its $US350 million acquisition Monday of MoPub, a mobile ad exchange.
  5. $3.4 billion. That’s IAB’s estimate for the size of the entire mobile advertising industry in 2012. Twitter is competing head-to-head with Facebook, Google, Apple, and others for those dollars.
  6. 60%. In a series of charts available only to BII subscribers, we calculate that if we put together smartphones, tablets and PCs, Android is now running on 60% of the world’s computing devices.
  7. 88%. The growth of phablet shipments over the last 12 months across the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan. There’s evidence that phablets (hybrid devices that straddle the line between phone and tablet) are cutting into tablet sales.
  8. 400%. The crazy growth in the average daily number of photos uploaded on Snapchat over the last seven months, according to a BI Intelligence analysis.
  9. 15o million. The number of monthly active users on the Facebook-owned Instagram app, as of this week. Instagram and Snapchat are in increasingly heated competition.
  10. 5 million. The number of fans for the top brand on Google+, Angry Birds. The top 150 brands on Facebook all have 5 million fans or more. It’s evidence of Facebook’s dominance as a brand platform. (See chart, above.)

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