The Top 10 Android Apps For Work

Business Insider’s Steve Kovach does a great job of keeping everyone up to date on hot new Android apps; and since his favourable review of the HTC Incredible 2 caused me to buy one last week, I thought I’d follow in Steve’s footsteps and share the top 10 Android apps that make my professional life a little easier:

Dropbox – Dropbox has become the go-to site for cloud-based file storage and the Android app only adds to its usefulness.  The files you upload to Dropbox from your personal computer automatically sync with the Android app and vice versa, which means access to the documents you need, anytime anywhere.  (Price: Free for up to 2 GB of storage)

Google Docs– In addition to being able to collaboratively edit documents and spreadsheets, the Google Docs app doubles as a scanner. Just take a photo of printed text and the app automatically turns it into a Google document to be shared or emailed.  (Free)

Adobe Reader– View and navigate PDFs easily with Adobe’s feature rich Reader app.  The app offers adjustable viewing and customised navigation for smaller screens, as well as the ability to manage, share and organise PDFs on your Android phone.  (Free)

Remember the Milk– When it comes to organising a busy schedule, simplicity rules, and Remember the Milk has the corner on the easy-to-use market.  Input a task and select a due date and time and let the productivity begin.  The app also offers more robust features like the ability to add notes, indicate the task’s level of importance, and categorize items by work, personal, etc., so you can be as detailed  as you want—or not.  (Price: $25/yr)

SwiftKey Keyboard– If you spend more time hitting the delete key than you do typing an actual email, SwiftKey Keyboard is a must-have.  The app uses AI technology to predict what you’re about to write and make typing on your Android phone less annoying and faster than ever. (Price: $1.96)

Mileage tracker – If your job has you on the go, Mileage Tracker is your new best friend.  The auto trip start odometer lets you log mileage on multiple vehicles and export daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reports as a CSV file.  (Price: $1.99)

FlightTrack – Before you check your bags, check this app.  FlightTrack gives you real time flight data for airlines worldwide.  In addition to detailed maps that chart your route, flight times and delays and gate numbers, the app also suggests an alternate flight if yours is cancelled. (Price: $4.99)

Meebo IM– If your office uses instant messenger to facilitate interoffice communication, the Meebo IM app lets you take your conversations on the road.  Much like the desktop version of Meebo, the app lets you sync multiple chat services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, etc) and streamline your communication onto one interface. 

Cisco WebEx Meetings– Can’t miss the meeting? Cisco’s WebEx Meetings app ensures you never have to. The app includes full screen view, multiple audio connection options and a call back number for your phone in case you get logged off.  If you have a WebEx host account, you can easily start, schedule, cancel and end meetings from your Android phone.  (Free)

Starbucks– After staying up late to meet a tight deadline the Starbucks app will help fuel your sleep-deprived work day.  Pay for your coffee, track your Starbucks Rewards and reload your Starbucks card, all without ever darkening the doors of a coffee shop.  Need something a little stronger? There’s an app for that. (Free)

Have another app you think should make the list? Leave it in the comments section below.

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